Westminster Growing

Fisherton Street 



Since 2015, we have been assisting residents on Fisherton Street with growing their own fruit and vegetables. There are twenty growing boxes in total and over 46 different varieties of fruit and vegetables have been grown here over the years. Having such a wide variety of plants, helps to increase biodiversity in the urban area, creating wildlife corridors throughout the city. An enclosed greenhouse has recently been installed at the site to enable residents to raise their own seedlings. In autumn 2018, HCGA took residents to London Harvest Festival at Woodlands Farm Trust to see the range of produce grown in London.




Penfold Hub



The Penfold Hub is a new project which started in 2019; providing local people, who do not have their own growing space, the opportunity to participate in a community food growing project. It was an opportunity created by Notting Hill Genesis Housing Association (and delivered by HCGA) which provides resources and opportunities in the community for people aged over 50. To celebrate the success of the participants’ first growing season and harvest, members took part in the RHS Big Soup Share.

Throughout the winter period, HCGA continue to provide sessions to attendees by running a programme of winter gardening and craft activities at Church Street Library.  



The project has been funded by the Neighbourhood Keepers programme. 

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