The Big Butterfly Count

The Big Butterfly Count

Can you identify this butterfly using the chart below to help you? Find the answer at the bottom of this section!


We know many of you love butterflies so we thought we’d put together some resources to help you learn more about their amazing life cycle; how to identify them and how to attract them to your garden! Did you know that butterflies are also a type of pollinating insect?! The more we can do to attract them to our gardens, the more they help us to grow flowers, fruit and vegetables!

Identifying and Naming Different Types of Butterflies

Here is a useful chart to help you identify butterflies when you are out and about! To join in with the Big Butterfly Count this year, print out this chart and complete it between 17th July – 9th August 2020 then send your results via this website:

  Infographic via: butterfly-conservation.org
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