Making seed bombs!

Making seed bombs!

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Cornflowers and pot marigolds
Image via: pxfuel.com


This is a fun, messy play activity that will hopefully lead to some beautiful flowers blooming! May and June are the best times in the year to make and throw your seed bombs, so, happy seed bombing! 


The following flower seeds germinate fairly easily: poppies, cornflower, pot marigold (Calendula), Californian poppies, cosmos, nigella and verbena bonariensis or alternatively, you could buy a native, wildflower seed mix. These flowers will not only brighten up a neglected area but will also provide food for pollinating insects! See instructions below.




Poppies, cornflowers, pot marigolds and chamomile.
Image credit: mywildlifeallotment.blogspot.com


Cornflowers and Chamomile Growing at Queen’s Park Gardens, Summer 2018

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