Make a Dreamcatcher

Make a Dreamcatcher


Image via:  Warunya Ngamcharoen


To Native Americans, dreams were messages sent by sacred spirits. It is believed that the Ojibwe Nation were the first indigenous people to use dreamcatchers. There are many versions of the legend about how they work as different tribes have different interpretations. One version says that the hole in the centre of a dreamcatcher web allows good dreams to reach the sleeper, while the web itself traps the bad dreams until they disappear with the first light of morning. Another version says that the web “catches” the good dreams and allows the bad ones to slip away through the hole.

Follow the instructions below to help your child make their own dreamcatcher. Wishing sweet dreams to you all!





For younger children, you can use a paper plate: cut the middle out, punch several holes around the inner circle and weave wool through the holes instead (see photo below).



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