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Meet our fantastic team…


Simon Beale


Cathy Maund

Cathy Maund has been working with the HCGA since its inception over thirty years ago

Operations Manager

Katie Shaw

I have a very varied role at HCGA including project management, grant fundraising, finance, managing the volunteer programme and working with other organisations on environmental projects,. I love working with volunteers and the community, helping people to engage with nature and develop a new appreciation for the environment.

Phoenix Farm Manager

Michelle Sinden

School and Community Gardener

Vanessa Hodder

I have been a teacher for many years, but have taught horticulture for the last 14 years. I work with The Get Out There team to make over and maintain lots of local gardens and do community engagement activities with HBL. Proudest moment – working with the 6th form at Phoenix High School and the HCGA to make a garden at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show that won a Gold medal in 2016.

School and Community Gardener

Katy Jack

I currently teach in three primary schools where I give the pupils knowledge and the experience of nature, wildlife and food growing. I was previously a Primary School Teacher in London for eight years where I gained valuable experience and knowledge of the Primary National Curriculum which allows me to adapt my gardening lessons and teaching style to suit many different learners' abilities.

School and Community Gardener

Ulla Johnson

At HCGA, I run community gardening sessions at Ravenscourt Park Glasshouses for adults and children. I am also the community gardener in the Queens Park ward of Westminster-running gardening sessions, the annual Queens Park In Bloom competition and gardening activities and events for adults and families in and around the park. I love working with plants; I love working with people and I Iove teaching people about plants- learning from them both in the process.

School and Community Gardener

Rosemary Creeser

I started working for HCGA in September 2009 facilitating family gardening sessions at Phoenix School Farm and currently work for the charity as a schools gardener in two primary schools in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. I’m interested in enabling children and adults to grow their own food, both as valuable life skill and as a way of building resilience in the food system.

Community Gardener

Liz Clark

I’ve lived and worked in Shepherds Bush for years. I discovered Phoenix Farm after going swimming in my local pool opposite. I rattled the farm gate and Cathy let me in! I loved the garden immediately and became a regular volunteer, then went on to study horticulture and now work as a community gardener running volunteer and family sessions for local residents. I also work on gardening projects on White City. I love growing veg and flowers from seed. It’s magic.

School and Community Gardener

Poppy Gagiatsou

School and Community Gardener

Myra Heller

I’ve been working with schools designing environmental and growing gardens for around 15 years now. I also work with all kinds of adults and I’d like to carry on creating that wonder and pleasure in the natural world in the city for as many people as possible for as long possible.


Ita Cormack


Josie Lane

I started at HCGA in January 2021. I'm currently studying horticulture - RHS level 2. I'm excited to be part of the team - such amazing community gardeners and volunteers. I love gardening and hope to learn more about fruit and veg growing while I'm based at Phoenix Farm.

Kim Newson


Karen Wyatt


Moya O'Hara

I am Director of Urbanise.London, an environmental education charity that works closely with HCGA. My experience is in teaching horticulture and environmental education to all age groups and running a variety of different projects with schools and the local community.


Evangeline Karn

As a trustee I enjoy my involvement with HCGA and its staff greatly. They provide opportunities to meet various groups and do activities associated with gardening and horticulture. A rare opportunity in this urban environment.


Bear Montique

I have worked in the borough for over 30 years in charities tackling Domestic Abuse. Being part of the work of HCGA has given me a space to step away from the stresses of my work and focus on growing plants for pleasure and food. I have been able to use my skills in project management and policy development in my role as a trustee and volunteer.


Jessica Mahoney

I joined HCGA as a volunteer to learn more about gardening and am now studying for a RHS Level 2 certificate. I am a local resident and parent and come from the world of management consulting. I love the sense of friendliness and community you see everywhere in HCGA and I am glad to have the opportunity to volunteer my time as a trustee.


Jacquie Boyce

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