Hammersmith Community Gardens Association on BBC Gardener’s World

Hammersmith Community Gardens Association on BBC Gardener’s World

On a sunny day in September 2023 a small film crew from BBC Gardener’s World came to film in Bridget Joyce Square. The TV show got in touch with us as they wanted to include a film in one of their Winter Specials about urban greening in London. Bridget Joyce Square was chosen as an example of a recent urban planting design.

Bridget Joyce Square was created in 2015 when Australia Road was pedestrianised. The square is a Sustainable Urban Drainage site which means when it rains water moves slowly through to the ground and then to the sewers to avoid the sewers being overwhelmed or flooding occurring. You can read more about it here: LBHF news article.

HCGA have been contracted to maintain the planting in the square for several years. Our Friday Get Out There! volunteers visit approximately once a month to weed the site and to carry out other gardening tasks. Every year we have a small number of corporate volunteering days which help us to lay 25 tonnes of mulch in the spring.

Bridget Joyce Square is an important site for local wildlife as it creates a green corridor between Phoenix Farm, Wormholt Park and Hammersmith Park. A green corridor is an area of planting which links other green spaces. In providing habitat and shelter to wildlife a green corridor allows movement of wildlife between the green spaces.

The episode can be found on iPlayer until November 2024 BBC Gardener’s World iPlayer