Grow Well

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We work with local people across Hammersmith and Fulham borough to provide therapeutic gardening sessions for those who are new to volunteering or need extra support while gardening.

Held at the Glasshouses in Ravenscourt Park, Grow Well is a 12-week health and wellbeing gardening volunteering for those who benefit for more support while volunteering. This can be for a range or reasons including: people who are new to gardening or volunteering, people who have mental health problems or have struggled with loneliness in lockdown, people with physical health problems or disabilities, older people who have early signs of dementia or are recovering from a stroke. Activities include gardening, making herbal products, cooking and nature activities. These are carried out in small groups, with lots of support from HCGA staff and mentor volunteers. After attending for 12 weeks volunteers will be encouraged to join other HCGA volunteering groups, events and trips.

Grow Well includes:

In 2023 we were grateful to be funded by the Kusuma Trust, which considered us one of their success stories.

We are currently on hiatus, but hope to be starting again soon.  For more information please contact or fill in this expression of interest form.

For hints and tips on how to carry on gardening after illness or with physical disabilities please visit Thrive’s Carry on Gardening Website.