Loris Garden

Loris community garden was started in 1983 and is comprised of a mature garden with a grassy, hilly area and wildlife pond. There is a small woodland and a paved central area incorporating a mosaic and a time capsule. There is a small natural play area for children which was redeveloped in 2010.  The site is fully accessible and open to the public.

Regular upkeep of Loris Garden is undertaken by our Get Out There! team.  We welcome any local residents who want to join us in maintaining the garden – we’re usually onsite one Friday a month. Please contact us prior to making a special trip as we sometimes need to work on a different site at short notice.

The garden is used by several local schools and groups on a weekly basis as an educational resource and HCGA are happy to provide curriculum-linked resources, information and staff to groups who wish to use the site.  Learning in this environment provides lasting experiences and appeals to different learning styles.  Local and environmental organisations are welcome to use the site for meetings or events.  Please contact us at info@hcga.org.uk 

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