Godolphin Garden

The community garden provides a green space in an area of high density housing. The garden is open to the public and can be visited at any time.

The result of a bomb strike, the space has been managed by HCGA since 1988 and in 1996 it was extensively redeveloped to make the site accessible to wheelchair users. The garden is open and sunny with a few specimen trees, a pond, a wildlife area, herb beds and murals.  The site is located next to a public playground and has been a popular venue for a series of exciting arts based projects including a time capsule to be opened in 2020.

The garden is home to our Men in Sheds project, where local older men come several times a week to work on their own projects as well as volunteering their time to regularly check the garden and carry out garden maintenance tasks, tidy up etc.  ‘Get Out There!’, our conservation training scheme, meets here every week and trainees manage the wildlife area. We are working to improve biodiversity in line with the borough’s plan.

The garden is used for various additional activities. In the last year this has included family activities during holidays, schools visits and corporate volunteering workdays. 

In 2009 we installed an eco shed at Godolphin Garden made from recycled materials. This shed was designed by Jason Wren of Shape Architecture.  Funding for the project was raised from Western Riverside Environment Fund, the local authority and reserves. The shed provided a small kitchen/ meeting space, toilet and storage for tools, play equipment etc.

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