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Meet me at the Gates Project at Chiswick House: planting flowers in May

Thank you, Cavendish School students, for coming back to Chiswick House’s Kitchen Garden for your May workshops.  We hope you enjoyed them and the beautiful spring sunshine as much as we did.  We hope you found a good place to throw your seedbombs!

Can you remember all the flowers that you learnt to identify?  We spotted roses, lavender, phacelia, nasturtium, fuschia, Love-in-a-mist and lots more.  We saw the fruit bushes with their tiny currants and berries and learnt why we grow them in a large cage.  You saw how the blossom on the pear trees is turning into the little fruits.  When you come back in June, you can check how much they have grown.

Next time you go out, see how many flowers you can recognise!

You did a great job planting calendula seeds and seedlings into our flower beds.  Every seed got a good drink of water from the watering team.  When you come back in June you can check on their progress and see how big they’ve grown.

You made seedballs with soil, flour and wildflower seeds.  You mixed and squeezed….and squeezed and mixed….until you had a little seedbomb to throw onto a patch of earth.  Where did you throw yours?  Will you check to see what grows?

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back again in June, for the last of your workshops when you will be learning about bees and other pollinators and the important jobs they do.  Will they have enjoyed visiting your seedlings?

Thanks to Katy, Poppy and Michael at HCGA; all the teachers at Cavendish School; our lovely CH volunteers; and the gardening team at Chiswick House & Gardens Trust.  

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