Hammersmith Community Gardens Association

Plant Science Primary School Sessions at Chiswick House

In February 2022 a large-scale restoration project began at Chiswick House with Cavendish School. Young students are helping to improve the landscape around one of the garden gates with the Meet Me at the Gates Project. Planned and led by Hammersmith Community Gardens Association, the students are learning valuable hands-on gardening skills and spending time in nature whilst covering science objectives in the Primary National Curriculum. 


“The children and teachers loved the sessions. Really positive feedback from all of the staff and children. It’s so nice for them to just have a break from school and get outdoors. Thank you so, so much for delivering these and walking us to and from the gardens. It’s been such a lovely project so far and we are all loving it.”


The project is continuing this year with lots of opportunities for the pupils to explore nature in the grounds of historic Chiswick House. Last week, the pupils learned to identify some of the different species of trees by looking at the seeds and different leaf shapes. We will be returning in February, March, May and July 2023 to continue teaching pupils from Cavendish Primary School. 


Children of Cavendish School with Meet me at the Gates

Children of Cavendish  Primary School with Meet Me at the Gates and teachers from Hammersmith Community Gardens Association
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