Growing Plants... Growing People... Growing Communities.

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    Growing Plants, Growing People, Growing Communities.


    Hammersmith Community Gardens Association is a local environmental charity set up in 1984, we manage four community gardens in Hammersmith and Fulham.

    HCGA has a range of projects which include conservation training schemes, volunteer gardening sessions, health and wellbeing projects, environmental playschemes and environmental education in local schools.

    We also assist local groups in the design, plan and management of their green spaces. We promote environmental sustainability within the borough and manage our sites to maximise biodiversity and encourage wildlife.

    Check out what we’ve been up to in the community recently!


    'The Little Red Hen' is an American fable first shared by Mary Mapes Dodge in St. Nicholas Magazine (1874). The story teaches children the importance of hard work and initiative.

    Here are two of our red hens having a well-deserved rest after an industrious day.

    #FolkloreThursday #childhood @HCGAGardens @FolkloreThurs

    #chickens #urbanfarming #communityfarm #londoncityfarm #cityfarm #londonfarmers #farmanimalsoflondon

    Shy Smokey can be convinced to visit when apple sticks and herbs in a toilet roll are offered for foraging fun!

    #guineapig #enrichment #reuse #pruning @HCGAGardens #phoenixfarminwhitecity
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    Watch our video of our growing project on Fisherton Estate, Westminster:

    Our gardens may be teeming with wildlife, but it’s not just the birds who are tweeting!



    Our community gardening sessions returned to #QueensParkGardens #W10 this week🍃 We were delighted to welcome new volunteer Barbara & got her stuck into some socially distanced mulching! What better way to get started?⁦@HCGAGardens⁩ ⁦@QPCouncil⁩ ⁦@FoQPGardens⁩


    Knight’s House Garden Club in Chelsea has spent part of its CKC grant on a cold frame on legs to protect seedlings and backs from damage - a double whammy 💚🪴@RBKC @coopuk @HCGAGardens @RHSBloom

    We were over the moon to see children playing and enjoying #LorisGardens yesterday. A huge thank you to local residents, @LBHF and @MPSAddison for helping us to make this a safe and inviting green space. Volunteer with us here this Sunday 7th March for our Spring Gardening Day!🌿

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    And finally, a big Thank You to all our supporters. Without you none of this incredible work would be possible…

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