Get Out There! – On Your Bike

Hammersmith Community Gardens Association and Hammersmith and Fulham Sports Development have designed a project to get the residents of the borough out and active using bicycles.

The project aptly named ‘Get Out There! – On Your Bike’ aims to encourage new or infrequent cyclists to be more active through attendance at a variety of events, social cycle rides or attending learn to cycle courses.

On offer for 6 unemployed local people will be an opportunity to be trained as assistant cycling instructor, with the most committed individual being supported to become a full cycle instructor, a skill which would allow them to work self employed with schools and community groups. These cycling ‘champions’ will then deliver training and events to the community.

This spring a calendar of cycling opportunities for the summer will be advertised for people to roll up to. One of the opportunities will be developed with the Urban Studies Centre with an aim to develop themed rides to pair cycling with people’s interests.

The project is funded by the Community Cycling Fund for London (CCFL) which assists communities to develop cycling.

To get involved as a participant or to find out more about the cycle training please contact:

Katie Shaw


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